3 Top Garage Flooring Options For New Orlando Man Caves

While there are plenty of things you can do in Orlando, there’s nothing like having a place to do your own thing than in your own man cave. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of the junk in your garage to turn it into a man cave, you’ll want to do something about the old stained garage floor.

Whether you’ll use the man cave space to work on stuff or you plan to hang out with your best buds, the epoxy flooring will need to be durable. Plus, it needs to have some he-man style! After all, the design of the rest of the house is probably far from what you would have chosen. The garage flooring is the perfect place to add your own personal style.

Take a look at these top 3 garage flooring options that you may find interesting, and then come up with our own great ideas!

Terrazzo Floors – How To Get Them Affordably

Now listen, unless you’re an Orlando millionaire, you probably won’t want to install terrazzo garage flooring just for your man cave. There is a really great alternative you’ll be interested in that costs a fraction of the price to install. It’s the epoxy garage flooring system that looks like real terrazzo.

If you choose the right Orlando garage flooring contractor for the installation, your new man cave floors in a terrazzo design will look really amazing. You can ask the contractor to add some artistic custom graphics anywhere you like, such as a border around the room or to section off certain areas of the man cave for different activities.

Epoxy terrazzo garage flooring systems can be installed with different gloss effects. You can go with a low gloss, which is almost flat, up to a high gloss finish. Plus, there are different terrazzo styles and colors to choose from.

Marble Floors – In The Garage? Oh, Yes!

Maybe you just want your Orlando man cave to showcase your new sports car, and also have a nice clean floor to lie on while you work on it? Marble garage floors are an affordable possibility when you think about all the other designs that can be created with epoxy flooring.

Not only will your new Ferrari or Maserati look amazing against a beautiful marble floor, but your garage flooring also won’t be slippery. Epoxy garage flooring is slip-resistant, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, and very durable. You’ll never have to worry about oil spilling or scratching the surface when you work on your vehicles.

Light & Airy Airplane Hangar Blue For Garage Floors

You may not plan to park a HondaJet, Cessna, or Cirrus Vision SF50 in your Orlando home’s garage, but airplane hangar blue is a marvelous epoxy color for the garage flooring of your man cave. Again, you can choose the finish sheen you want over the epoxy color, you don’t have to go with a high gloss finish unless you want to.

Epoxy garage flooring is available in a wide range of great man-cave colors. Plus, you can get your contractor to apply a custom logo or emblem. The best thing about epoxy garage flooring is how little maintenance it needs. With the right industrial-strength products, these garage floors are easy to take care of and will stay fantastic looking for decades.

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