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CJ Garage flooring has been providing expert epoxy flooring installation in Port Charlotte since 1986. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solutions that are durable and beautiful. We’ve done a lot of work in the area and are proud to offer you our expert epoxy flooring and concrete floor coating services.

If you plan to upgrade your floors, the best option is to get a premium industrial-grade epoxy flooring. However, we also provide solutions such as concrete staining, standard garage floor coatings, and polishers and sealers. We would be happy to discuss your needs and give you a competitively priced estimate for our Port Charlotte epoxy flooring services. You can contact us by either calling or using our online request form.

Epoxy Flooring

It takes a lot of experience to apply epoxy flooring right. There are specific steps and techniques involved. At CJ Garage Flooring, our Port Charlotte specialists have decades of experience in epoxy flooring installations. We use only professional grade epoxy floor products that offer an industrial-strength surface. They are highly adhesive and are made for high-performance use.

We make sure there are no defects in the installation. Our epoxy floors can last for more than three decades if you take care of it right. When you need a new seal-coat application for maintenance of your epoxy flooring, our professionals will be here to provide service.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

When we install commercial epoxy floors for Port Charlotte businesses, we start by properly preparing the concrete. While many think that acid etching or pressure cleaning is the right way to prepare the floor for the epoxy flooring overlay, it’s not. We use a diamond grinding machine to smooth the floor surface. This is the best way to get the surface ready for the commercial epoxy flooring primer.

The primer we install is the best. It sinks down deep into the concrete and adheres to it and the after-coat very well. This waterproofs the concrete deep down. We take our time with the color application to be sure it turns out beautifully. Then we apply an industrial grade sealer to the commercial epoxy floors.

Garage Flooring

Our Port Charlotte specialists are able to give you a high-performance garage flooring system that delivers decades of durable beauty. We can offer you different options that work within your budget. Because of our decades of experience, we offer the widest variety of custom styles that you can find. We also provide custom graphics and logos.

The best reason to choose CJ Garage Flooring is that we do all work in-house, not like the chain companies that contract the work out. We make sure that every customer gets high-quality garage flooring that looks stunning and lasts for as long as possible. If you would like to set up a free estimate to discuss our garage flooring services, let’s make an appointment today. You’re going to love our hard to beat prices!

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