Top Local Epoxy Flooring in Clearwater, FL

Epoxy flooring is a highly durable concrete coating system that seals, protects, waterproofs, and customizes the look of garage floors and other concrete floors. If you have been thinking about epoxy flooring, staining, or other concrete flooring solutions for your Clearwater home or business, call CJ Garage Flooring.

We’ll provide you with a free competitively priced estimate that’s hard to beat. We have been in the epoxy flooring industry since 1986. We can offer you our expert installation, and an amazing design that really looks fantastic.

You can take a look at our Portfolio to see some of our past work to get an idea of the artistic flair we can put into your Clearwater epoxy flooring project. We can also give you a standard look with granite flecks, stone, or solid colors. We provide both residential and commercial epoxy flooring installation in the Clearwater, FL area, so get your free estimate today!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is not just for garage floors in homes today. It’s one of the most affordable floor types you can choose for the interior of your Clearwater home. With epoxy flooring installation service from CJ Garage Flooring, your entire house can sport a designer look that you’re proud of.

Our epoxy flooring experts have three decades of experience to offer you. We can give you a faux marble, granite, or stone floor that lasts without the cost of the real materials. Call today to go over the details or to ask questions. We are more than happy to assist you.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Do you need epoxy flooring for your Clearwater airplane hangar, doctor’s office, retail store, or warehouse? You’ll get the best commercial epoxy floors from CJ Garage Flooring. We use industrial-grade floor epoxy, primers, and sealants that last for decades. We provide you with an expert installation that is done correctly.

We’ve installed a lot of commercial epoxy floors all over the Central Florida area. When you choose us, you’ll have a safe new commercial floor to enhance the style of your building and provide years of value to your business. Let’s talk about your project in detail today.

Garage Flooring

Dirty, grimy, and chemically stained garage floors can be completely transformed with our garage floor epoxy services. Whether you use your garage as a mechanic shop, hobby shop, laundry area, or storage space, our garage floor epoxy will provide long-lasting protection and beauty for the concrete.

The industrial-grade products we use will resist oil stains from your vehicles, resist impacts from dropped tools or sharp objects, resist yellowing and fading that’s typical with inferior products, and will last for years to come.

In fact, you could have a great looking garage floor for more than three decades! Plus, there’s very little maintenance involved. Just clean up chemical spills as soon as you notice them and make sure to get the sealer reapplied every five years or as often as our specialist recommends.

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