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Do you wish you had the most durable concrete flooring solution for your home or business in Cape Coral? CJ Garage Flooring can provide epoxy flooring installation that looks great and can last for more than three decades. We install high-performance industrial-grade epoxy flooring systems, stains, and epoxy coatings that provide the beautiful floors you are looking for.

Our Cape Coral epoxy flooring specialists can give you a whole new look at a great price. We can provide a beautiful metallic marble effect, stone effect, solid color with sealant, or a granite flake system that looks incredible. Additionally, we offer custom floor graphics and logos to give your floors that wow factor.

Take advantage of our more than 30 years of residential and commercial epoxy flooring experience today. Our estimates are hard to beat, so why not give us a call to get a free quote? You’ll be surprised at what we can do to give your floors a stunning new look that lasts!

Epoxy Flooring

Do you plan to renovate an older home in Cape Coral? One of the most affordable flooring materials you could use is epoxy flooring. This system is applied to plain concrete, but it can look amazing. In fact, take a look at the floors in many of the commercial buildings in Cape Coral to see if you can tell whether or not they used real marble, stone, or granite.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you only want to choose an experienced epoxy flooring company in Cape Coral to do the installation for you. Otherwise, the results won’t last, and the job will look amateurish. Call CJ Garage Flooring. We’ve been installing garage floor epoxy as well as interior epoxy flooring in homes since 1986!

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Our commercial epoxy floors will stand up to just about any beating your business could throw at it. Abrasions, scratches, yellowing, color fading, and impact damage can ruin an inferior-grade epoxy flooring system. We use only the best industrial-grade epoxy flooring system for your business to ensure the results last and that you get the most value for your investment.

Our commercial epoxy floors are the perfect solution for any Cape Coral business. Whether you own a restaurant, shopping mall, hotel, deli, store, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, we can provide you with expert installation by industry professionals with more than three decades of experience.

Garage Flooring

While concrete garage floors are tough, the bare concrete will absorb stains and suffer damage from chemicals and abrasions. Over time, you’ll probably notice some additional damage like hairline cracks or crumbling due to water damage.

Our garage floor epoxy system is a great solution to make your garage area look great and to protect the concrete from all this damage. Plus, the waterproofing penetrates deep into the concrete to act as a moisture barrier. Give us a call to learn more or to request a Free quote.

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