Recent Projects And Photos By CJ Garage Flooring

Blue Metallic Epoxy Floors

Blue Metallic Epoxy Floors in Tampa, Fl CJ Garage Flooring completed a blue metallic epoxy flooring project. Do you like the pictures you see of blue metallic epoxy floors? A seamless, glossy finish and three-dimensional appearance are part of what makes them so alluring. These exotic floors utilize a 100% solids epoxy floor base and […]

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Warm Cabin Industrial Epoxy Flooring North Port, FL

Warm Cabin Industrial Epoxy Flooring North Port, FL This garage floor epoxy project was completed in North Port, FL. This is an industrial epoxy flooring that we install on most of our projects. The color is called “Warm Cabin.” The original concrete was finished in the 1980’s and was very dirty. We prepared the surface […]

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Black Metallic Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Black Metallic Flake Epoxy Garage Floor – Punta Gorda CJ Garage Flooring completed a black metallic flake epoxy garage floor project. They enjoy installing black epoxy floors because the black floors give a deep shine and glamour to any garage floor. They added a little bling to this black floor with metallic flakes broadcast throughout. […]

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Warm Cabin Epoxy Flooring

Warm Cabin Garage Epoxy Flooring Venice, FL CJ Garage Flooring process was the finishing touch to this new garage. Even new homes need the warmth of a clean and durable epoxy floor. Premium epoxy flooring is a great investment into any home. First impressions are important, often the first thing noticed in a home is […]

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Pewter Epoxy Floor

Garage Floor Epoxy Pewter Sarasota, FL CJ Garage Flooring applied fresh paint throughout the garage and added a new door system made to cover the laundry area. The epoxy floor was installed in Sarasota using the best epoxy floor system available. This 5-layer system is guaranteed to last for decades and will never yellow, because […]

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