Epoxy – The Hot New Concrete Flooring Solution For Remodeling Tampa Homes

Are you looking around for the best flooring ideas for remodeling your Tampa home? While epoxy concrete flooring isn’t a new idea, it is quickly becoming the hot new flooring solution for interior home remodels. It’s not just for commercial use or garage floors anymore. It is and has always been a viable solution for interior floors throughout a home.

If you’re thinking concrete flooring is dull and boring, think again. The designs created with custom epoxy concrete flooring are pretty much unlimited. In fact, these floors are often showcased in the most popular home remodeling magazines. It’s no wonder that this concrete flooring solution is now becoming a hot contender as a residential remodeling option.

Epoxy flooring has always been widely used in commercial flooring. In fact, the marble or granite floor in your favorite Tampa shopping mall is probably an epoxy concrete floor! Here’s why homeowners everywhere are absolutely loving this option.

People Love How Affordable Epoxy Concrete Flooring Is

One of the reasons homeowners in Tampa and around the country are starting to take notice of custom epoxy concrete flooring for home remodeling is how affordable it is. The average total installation cost of custom epoxy concrete flooring is very similar to the average price of sheet linoleum installation. Epoxy concrete flooring installation can cost around ten times less per square foot than real marble.

People Love The Designer Look Of Epoxy Concrete Flooring

A major difference between sheet linoleum and epoxy concrete flooring installation is how stunning the epoxy floors can look. An experienced installer can make the epoxy concrete floors look like marble, granite, stone, terrazzo, and other real flooring materials.

If you do decide to go with epoxy concrete flooring, be careful who you choose to do the installation. Many, many homeowners get stuck with sloppy work, results that don’t last, or floors that were obviously done by an amateur. You’ll want to hire an experienced Tampa custom epoxy flooring contractor who possesses plenty of artistic skill in order to get realistic-looking floors.

Which would you rather choose for your Tampa home remodeling project, sheet linoleum, expensive marble, or a stunning floor that looks just like real marble?

People Love The Durability Of Epoxy Concrete Flooring

When the right products are used by experienced professionals who don’t cut corners, epoxy concrete flooring will last for several decades. Keep in mind that professional installation by a contractor who uses industrial-strength epoxy flooring systems is much different than using the products that you find in a box at your home improvement store.

Only a high-performance industrial-grade epoxy polymer that lasts more than three decades should be used rather than something that peels up in a couple of years. Also, there are plenty of cheap commercial-grade products that even professionals should stay away from.

Epoxy concrete flooring delivers years of durable hard flooring for the interior of any home. This concrete flooring system will withstand impacts, abrasions, and heavy vehicle traffic that are common in a commercial and industrial setting. It provides more than enough durability for home interiors.

Epoxy Flooring Delivers An Easy-Care Flooring Solution

Just about everyone in Tampa chooses to install some type of hard floor rather than carpeting when remodeling their homes. Epoxy concrete flooring is the easiest to care for. All that’s necessary is to dust mop the floors and damp mop it from time to time. Spills don’t stain the surface and come right up because the epoxy flooring is completely waterproof and chemical resistant.

With all these different benefits, it’s no wonder epoxy concrete flooring is getting noticed by homeowners in Tampa and across the country. If you’d like to get an estimate from true professionals with more than three decades of experience in custom epoxy flooring installations, call CJ Garage Flooring at the number below.

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