Dos & Don’ts When It Comes To Epoxy Flooring

Smart homeowners work hard to make good decisions about home improvement projects, such as epoxy flooring. This means learning what not to do as much as learning about what you should do.

Epoxy coating is something commonly used for garage flooring. It gives your floor protection and shine while enhancing the overall visual aesthesis of your garage.

Since you’re not going to attempt this as a DIY project, there goes one of your “don’ts” already crossed off the mistake list. However, even when working with a reputable professional, there are some things you should be aware of in order to get the results you’d hoped for.

Avoid These Mistakes For Better Results

If you’re still using your garage for cars, or a workspace, or a workspace for your cars, you’ll want to consider going with epoxy floors. As you get ready to start the project, here are some things you should know:

  1. Don’t use epoxy to fix an existing repair need.
    While it’s true that epoxy can sometimes work as a filler and sealant to prevent existing problems from worsening, it’s not the right approach to take. It’s important to deal with the issue beforehand, and then apply the epoxy coating. A reputable installed should advice you of the same, so steer clear of any self-proclaimed pro who doesn’t.
  2. Do follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines.
    Your shiny new flooring will be plenty durable, but you probably also want to keep it plenty clean and shiny. Avoid abrasive cleaners, sharp objects, wool sponges, and other potential threats as detailed in your care instructions. Plus, even though your new flooring system boasts “stain resistance,” why put that to the test? Clean spills as quickly as possible.
  3. Don’t assume all garage coatings are the same.
    A common problem homeowners run into is thinking they’re getting true epoxy only to find out they’re not. DIY kits are notorious for not delivering and some less-than-reputable companies will talk you into a more cost-effective alternative without really saying that you’re not getting what you thought.

Set yourself up for success by making sure you have the best to work with for your garage floor project. When it comes to epoxy flooring in Tampa, make it a point to contact the pros at CJ Garage Flooring, for superior results.

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